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Weiners - Bassplayer, Songwriter
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Fabio Gallozzi, born in 1983, began playing the electric bass at the age of fourteen and already a year later he performed with local bands in Naples, his hometown.
Very soon his curiosity led him to explore, both as a musician and as a composer, various types of music: from rock to pop and from blues to jazz, passing through prog and also Gospel.
At the end of the 90s Fabio founded the Bassisti d'Italia group and later the Basspower website, which collects the CVs of the greatest and most talented Italian bass players.
After studying electric bass privately with Gianluigi Goglia and Lello Somma, in 2008 he moved to Milan, where he joined some local dance genre bands such as Discomaniac and later a Tribute Band to Lucio Battisti, continuing his studies with Claudio Signorini.
During his career as a musician, Fabio has had the opportunity to perform in important events such as the Giffoni Music Concept, a musical event within the Giffoni Music Festival, where in 2003 he played together with in front of 2000 people, opening the concert of the Jamaican singer Shaggy and other artists such as Jorge Ben, Morgan, La Crus, Niccolò Fabi and Paola Turci.
Together with the pop band, Fabio has also participated in several other festivals including that of Castrocaro and Saint-Vincent.
Inspired by the genius and unpredictability of Jaco Pastorius and his idols, Marcus Miller and Francis Hylton, over time Fabio has approached different musical genres and today aims to be an "essential" bassist, at the service of the band.
The perseverance and passion with which he cultivates his musical talent were recognized in 2019 by the internationally renowned bassist John Patitucci who sent him a video message in which he compliments him on his musical activity. (
During his career, Fabio has made agreements with two great Italian artisan realities, Magrabò for the bass straps and Rigotti Cables for the supply of cables.
Fabio shares his great love for music and the electric bass on his YouTube page (, on Instagram ( and his website (
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